Closeness, Fun and Caring, Happy Family

Affirmation #1
I open myself to a new deeper experience of family and i am ready to see greater happiness there. I know that i having the loving family that i need.

Affirmation #2
I maintain peace and calm when speaking to members of my family.

Affirmation #3
I always respond to my spouse (name) and children with patience and love.

Affirmation #4
My confidence and optimism brings out the best in my children and partner.

Affirmation #5
I am grateful for the experiences and lessons that I have learned in my family.

Affirmation #6
I am seeing the world through the frames of my children and I enjoy their sense of wonder and joy.

Affirmation #7
I am loved by my parents unconditionally and I release anger.

Affirmation #8
Being adopted is part of my path.

Affirmation #9
I give myself permission to have major fun!

Affirmation #10
I am funny, highly energetic, and I light up every room I walk into !