Dreamy Diary

A Dream is an involuntarily action of mind that involves images, emotions, ideas and sensations resembling to that of being awake. It usually occurs in Rapid Eye movement stage of sleep which highly active state of mind. The length of dream can vary from few seconds to 30 minutes showing some visuals or complete story line. It is believed that the visuals you see in your dream has something to do with your journey and guidance that divine beings wants to give us. There are various scientific studies on dreams under oneirology but we will concentrate on spiritual and psychic side of dreams in this article.

Every Dream Visual has its own different meaning that depends on its setting. So, if you see a black dog, for example, it can have multiple meanings depending on whether dog was approaching you, staring at you, going away from you or barking at you etc. In Various different studies, it has been found that our dreams represent our life path and more importantly the next steps. They can either be a warning sign for us or affirmation from divine being of our path.

I am highlighting some popular visuals people see in their dreams. Click on one you see in your dreams and know what message divine beings wants to get conveyed to you.



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