Twin Flames


Who are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames is two people who where split into different bodies but the same soul. They are different from soul mates. While Soul mate has strictly romantic Connotation, twin flames does not necessarily have to be romantic. Not Everyone finds their twin flame partner, but if you does, it would be life changing kind of love.

Symptoms of Twin Flames

  1. They does not necessarily have to be romantic but still wants to be with each other.
  2. Purpose in Twin flame journey is to help each other to grow.
  3. This Connection can be of ON/OFF relationship.
  4. This can be Super Tense and Emotional relationship.
  5. You will feel past life connection with your partner.
  6. Your partner will feel like Home to you.
  7. You both will act as mirror for each other

Stages of Twin Flames

  1. The Search – This stage involves strong sense of yearning and an acute awareness that something is missing in your life.
  2. The Awakening
  3. The Test
  4. The Crisis
  5. The Running or Chasing Stage
  6. The Surrender
  7. The Reunion and Joining

Remedies and Way ahead

All you need to do is Inner Work – This is all about being aware of your triggers, experiences and identifying what issues you are dealing with and then overcoming those issues. Acknowledge it as your learning and this is continuous process that goes life long. Follow below points for this journey:

  1. Rely on God (Higher Power, Spirit, universe or whatever you want to call it)
  2. Feel Worthy
  3. End the need to doubt, worry or be afraid.
  4. Use your intuitions or inner guide (voice of Heart)
  5. Release Control of what happens
  6. Not case blame even towards yourself.
  7. Be honest and tell the truth.
  8. Communicate telepathically
  9. Make how you feel more important than what’s happening.
  10. Forgive other and yourself
  11. Enjoy Change
  12. End the habit of pleasing people.
  13. Be Grateful even in unpleasant / unfavorable situations.
  14. Take yourself out of Auto pilot mode and be aware of your thoughts.


  1. Ma’am through your readings I have come to know that I’m in a twin flame journey…but my relationship with my person is really complicated..though I have stopped chasing him..i still want some guidance for my inner work…can you help in anyway??

  2. Mam i love a guy but we broke up 1yr back still we are in contact.. How much we started ignoring each other still come back to each other. But when I said him to give me a commitment he denied. But i feel a connection with him when I think about him he was like cl me Or msgs me at that same time.. What can i do to work this out?

  3. Hello Surbhi ji
    I am Namrata I follow you on YouTube.I am a Tarot card reader as well.
    I am in a Twin Flame Journey and luckily he’s the person I Love.Just trying to understand more about it.
    Thank you so much for such beautiful guidance 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • Hello surbhi di…I think we are on 5th stage…Bcoz we both faced many ups and downs , tensions , family restrictions, test ,separation for some time bt I think now we are on 5th stage .He has some career issues that’s why he doesn’t talk to me…And I text him in 10 – 15 days…I think it’s a runner and chaser stage..Bt I will do inner work more nicely to success…Thank you so much for this 🙏🙏

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