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Sai Baba Oracle Tarot Cards

Sai Baba Oracle Tarot

Shri Sai baba of Shirdi is one of the Five Perfect Masters who helps his devotees in miraculous ways. Baba taught his disciples to have faith (Shraddha) and (Saburi). He promised that if you have faith in him and have the patience, he will answer the prayers of his true devotees and be their Guiding Angel. This 54 card deck by Mahrukh Dinyar Daruwala is a small tribute to her Master Sai Baba. This deck provides means for you to connect and get answers one seeks. Whether you are a psychic, a healer, a card reader or just someone seeking answers for yourself these cards are easy to interpret and will answer all your questions. May, my Master and my Angel help and guide you Always.

Sai Baba Message cards are designed for his devotees only. It is important that one has faith in their master to get the best card reading experience. With these cards, you can get answers to questions about career, family, relationship or a card can be drawn daily for general guidance. 

There are 54 cards with Baba’s messages and teaching in this deck for the devotees to draw from. These cards are a powerful tool to connect with the guidance & love of our master Sai Baba. Each of the 54 cards has a picture and a message on it. the guidance from your master will lead you to draw certain cards. Each deck will need to be charged with the energies of the devotee you can do that by taking the deck in your hand and connecting with Baba through a small prayer or by chanting any mantra. Whilst doing so request Baba to give you a clear and accurate answer to your question. 

Sai Baba Oracle Tarot Cards

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