Romance Angel Tarot

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

The romance angels are a group of angels who focus on all aspects related to love. These angels can be called upon by anyone and they are capable of helping several people at the same time.

This beautiful set of cards will allow the readers to receive angelic guidance about their romantic status, as well as conduct accurate and dependable readings for their friends and clients. These cards will offer the readers more clarity about their relationships and their soul-mates. Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or some else, these cards can provide invaluable guidance and help.

The deck came in a strong glossy box that could be used to store the cards for a long time. The cards itself are of a very strong, thick and glossy card stock. The box set also includes a small book that explains how to use the cards and has more detailed meanings of each card. The card size is 3.5″x 5″ and there are 44 cards. Their sides are golden and shiny.

Details of Romance Angels Oracle Cards
  • The Romance Angels Oracle Cards can offer you more clarity about soul-mate relationships, healing from the past, and attracting more love into your life – witch oracle cards – oracle cards decks
  • Whether you’re seeking answers for yourself or someone else, these cards can yield valuable insights. The Romance Angels are happy to guide you to a lifetime of love – sibilla oracle cards – fairchild oracle cards – romance oracle cards – oracle cards
  • These cards and their deep sentiments are intended to accompany and lift you as you travel inward – numerology oracle cards – ceccoli oracle cards – kuan yin oracle cards – oracle deck
  • Choose one whenever you seek clarity of heart, loving direction, or a return to your own intuition – goddess oracle deck – isis oracle deck
  • Each card carries a potent gift which can awaken a presence of joy within,help you transform your fear into faith – oracle cards decks – anubis oracle deck – oracle deck
Romance Angels Oracle Cards

My Review of Romance Angels Oracle Cards

This pack of cards is beautiful. They did come alittle stuck together, but a quick flip through seperated them easily.
Gold rimmed, and beautiful designs, I use them for all my readings and my clients love them as much as I do.
They will be a part of my staple for doing love readings, and really generals too, as they have lots of different scenarios.

A perfect guideline to help you to identify loop holes which needs to be healed or worked upon on basis of the reading.Very Accurate simply love it.The guide is detailed and mentions the description of each angel card.A handy tool to check on life and relationship concerns.

I found this oracle to be very useful and suitable for inner work related to couple relationships. I think everyone who is in a relationship (or seeking one) should have these cards as an inspiration, eye opener and clue provider. Highly recommended.

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