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The Sodalite crystal stone meaning has a long held association with the color of the heavens. During the Renaissance, this particular shade of blue was considered a sacred color (sacre bleu) and was often used to color the robes of Mother Mary and the Archangel Michael, a warrior-archangel with a flaming sword.

Take your meditation practice even deeper with this third eye chakra stone, a healing vibration that connects you with the energy of angels. During your therapeutic session with the Sodalite crystal, use this gemstone of insight to take inventory of your current mind-body-spirit. Take note of any thoughts that come up and ask Sodalite to gently help you let go of all negativity.

Sodalite also stimulates the pituitary gland, which opens up your spiritual perception. By energizing the brain’s spirit portal, this grounding stone releases tension and fears, the negative emotions that Sodalite helps to transform into feelings of harmony and balance, the gateway to enlightenment.

Benefits (Advantages) of Sodalite:-

* Sodalite is considered to be a very popular stone that helps to bring mental clarity and rational thought.
* It is considered to be the lucky stone of Sagittarius zodiac sign.
* It helps to calm our mind and helps to verbalize the feelings.
* It helps to enhance your self-esteem and makes you feel confident about yourself.
* It boosts self-acceptance and self-trust. It helps you to create an emotional balance.
* This stone helps to create a smooth and peaceful mind which in turn helps you to process information with ease and comfort.
* This will ensure that you are able to grasp the maximum out of any of your exposures.
* This stone also promotes trust, harmony, and solidarity among people thus helping to create a proper atmosphere of love and camaraderie.
* This stone will work wonders when used during team work.
* It purifies the atmosphere and gets rid of all the negative energy that is around.


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