Vastu Tips for Home

General Vastu Tips:

  1. Light a candle or lamp daily in the northeast direction. It promotes good health.
  2. Constant dripping of taps produces negative energy and signifies deterioration in health. Ensure that the taps in your house do not drip.
  3. Using the space below stairs as a toilet, store, or kitchen can cause nervous sickness and heart diseases.
  4. Face north or east while studying or working. This promotes good memory.
  5. Planting Basil / Tulsi purifies the air in the house. Avoid plants like rubber plant, cactus, Bonsai and other milky plants. These might add to your illness and stress.
  6. Do not construct stairs or toilets in the north eastern corner of your house; it causes health-related issues and hampers the growth of children.

Bedroom Vastu Tips:

  1. A master bedroom in the southwest direction ensures physical and mental stability. Never construct a bedroom in the northeast direction; it causes health problems.
  2. Always lie with your head in the south direction while sleeping. It promotes a peaceful and a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping with the head in the north direction is not advisable as it causes stress and aches.
  3. A pregnant woman should avoid sleeping in the north-eastern direction to prevent chances of abortion or miscarriage.
  4. A bed with storage space leads to brain and heart-related ailments. Also, avoid sleeping on wrought iron beds; opt for simple wooden beds.
  5. Avoid sleeping under light beams as it leads to depression, headache and memory loss.
  6. Do not place your bed in front of the mirror, it causes nightmares.
  7. Never align your bed with the toilet wall, as that brings negative energy.
  8. Keep mobile phones and other gadgets away from bed to have a sound sleep.

Health & kitchen Vastu tips:

  1. The southeast direction is considered ideal to have a kitchen.
  2. East is considered the best direction for cooking and eating, as it promotes effective digestion and good health.
  3. Designing the kitchen in the Northeast direction calls for serious health problems and accidents.
  4. Avoid constructing the toilet and the kitchen together. Place the two at a distance from each other.


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