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Vastu Tips: Benefits of Camphor and Remedies

Vastu Shastra Guides us into many phases and areas of our life. There are many benefits of using Camphor in our home and It provides us with Remedies for many of the Life Problems.

Every worship material has a different significance in Hinduism. Camphor is also used a lot in the worship of every God and Goddess. Then whether it is to perform Havan or to perform Aarti of Deities. By the way, the fragrance of camphor is so effective that even the negative energy present around you gets destroyed in a few minutes.

If you use camphor on new year, then the beginning of new year will be very good. If you want to remove all the negativity from your life by using camphor in the new year, then you must do these 5 things on the first date (1/1/2023).

  1. Keep Camphor in your Wallet / Purse: If you are facing financial crisis, then you must keep a small piece of camphor in your purse. You can tie camphor in a red cloth and keep it in your purse. With this, if any negative power is stopping your economic development, then it will be destroyed and you will get new opportunities to earn money.
  2. Tie Camphor on Your Arm / Wrist: If you have any kind of disease or if you feel that the life is full of negativity, then you can also tie camphor in your hands in a red cloth and after every 21 days you will have to change the camphor and tie it on your wrist. Women should tie camphor in the left wrist and men in the right wrist.
  3. Keep Camphor on Main Gate: If there is conflict or estrangement in your house, then you must keep a bowl full of camphor at the main door of the house because camphor destroys the negative energy entering the house and happiness and peace remains in the house.
  4. Sprinkle Camphor Water Around Home: To maintain positivity in the house, you should mix camphor in water and sprinkle that water in the whole house in the morning and evening. By doing this you will get a lot of peace in the house
  5. Usage of Camphor in Pooja: If you perform aarti of gods and goddesses with camphor in your home temple every day from the new year, then you will get positive results from it. You should burn camphor in the temple of the house in the evening. Actually, negative energy is more effective in the evening itself. In this case, in the evening, keep a small piece of camphor burnt in the temple of the house.

You should use camphor for every work where you feel negativity.

Vastu Tips: Benefits of Camphor and Remedies

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