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Crystal Bracelets by Zodiac Sign

A colorful assortment of dazzling gemstones generally bears month wise or Zodiac Sign Wise association. Both traditional as well as modern category involves similar correlations. Since time immemorial they have been mythically revered as encapsulates of mystical properties. There are scientific claims as well to back up the correlation between Birthstones and far reaching influence wielded by them in respect of human life.

Know Your Zodiac Sun Sign –

Crystal Bracelet by Your Sun Sign

Sun SignDate of BirthBracelet NamePurchase Link
Aries – मेषMarch 21 – April 19Suadhisthana Bracelet
Taurus – वृषभApril 20 – May 20Self Love Bracelet
Gemini –
May 21 – June 20Cornucopia Bracelet
Cancer – कर्कJune 21 – July 22Muladhara Bracelet
Leo – सिंहJuly 23 – August 22Shiv Shakti Rudra Bracelet
Virgo –
August 23 – September 22Blossoming Abundance Bracelet
Libra – तुलाSeptember 23 – October 22Serenity Bracelet
Scorpio – वृश्चिकOctober 23 – November 21Love and Luck Bracelet
Sagittarius – धनुNovember 22 – December 21Anjana Bracelet
Capricorn – मकरDecember 22 – January 19Yin & Yang Bracelet
Aquarius – कुंभJanuary 20 – February 18Inner Strength Bracelet
Pisces –
February 19 – March 20Suadhyay Bracelet

Crystal Bracelet by Your Moon Sign

Moon SignYour Name InitialBracelet NamePurchase Link
Aries – मेषA, L, E, I , O (अ, ल, ई)Shiv Shakti Rudra Bracelet
Taurus – वृषभB, U, V, W (ब, व, ऊ)Love and Luck Bracelet
Gemini – मिथुनK, C, Gh, Q (क, छ, घ)Blossoming Abundance Bracelet
Cancer – कर्कDa, H (ड, ह)Anjana Bracelet
Leo – सिंहM, Ta (म, ट)Serenity Bracelet
Virgo –
P, Th (प, ठ, ण)Suadhisthana Bracelet
Libra – तुलाR, T (र, त)Ying & Yang Bracelet
Scorpio – वृश्चिकN, Y (न, य)Self Love Bracelet
Sagittarius – धनुBh, Dh, F (भ, ध, फ, ढ)Inner Strength Bracelet
Capricorn – मकरKh, J (ख, ज)Cornucopia Bracelet
Aquarius – कुंभG, S (ग, स, श, ष)Suadhyay Bracelet
Pisces – मीनD, Z, Tha, Jha (द, च, थ, झ)Muladhara Bracelet
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